Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self Stitched September Day 26 & 27, girls shorts and dress


I found this remnant of fabric at the thrift shop, about a metre or so, and thought it would be lovely for Miss 6.  It’s a bit stretchy, so great for pants or shorts.  As it’s getting hotter here I decided on shorts.  I just cut around the pants I made for her last week, as the pattern has disappeared.

P9250007   P9250001


Perfect for on the trampoline!

I still had some left, so the next day I traced around the shirt dress I made a few weeks ago, and presto!

P9250003  P9250002

She wore it before I could even sew on the buttons at the back, with the shorts that were so comfy se even slept in them.  I might have to get some jersey and make PJs next.

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing  and jumping in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

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