Monday, 3 October 2011

The end of Self Stitched September 2011

Days 28, 29 and 30.

P9240018 P9240019  P9010204

An finally September ends…………..I have sewed and won!

Now there’s time for walks by the beach with my hubby and watching the sun set…….

PA020179  PA020216

….and building up my ebay shop - now called Cherry Vintage Boutique

Here is the link if you are in Australia and want to check it out.

Have a relaxing October!



Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self Stitched September Day 26 & 27, girls shorts and dress


I found this remnant of fabric at the thrift shop, about a metre or so, and thought it would be lovely for Miss 6.  It’s a bit stretchy, so great for pants or shorts.  As it’s getting hotter here I decided on shorts.  I just cut around the pants I made for her last week, as the pattern has disappeared.

P9250007   P9250001


Perfect for on the trampoline!

I still had some left, so the next day I traced around the shirt dress I made a few weeks ago, and presto!

P9250003  P9250002

She wore it before I could even sew on the buttons at the back, with the shorts that were so comfy se even slept in them.  I might have to get some jersey and make PJs next.

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing  and jumping in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

SSS Day 25, Sunday Barbie and a new dress


My eldest baby came home yesterday for a week of study vacation, so we celebrated with a family lunch today – a barb-b-que out by the pool.

P9250146     P9250144

The girls and I made the chocolate layer cake we made on fathers day, but the icing worked better this time. I wore my new dress (I finished it 5 minutes before lunchtime) that I started two weeks ago.

P9250139   P9250046

The same pattern as last time, with the full skirt – which I will make longer next time.

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

Saturday, 24 September 2011

SSS Day 24, Saturday thrift finds & 1950s dress patterns


Saturday and thrift shop day.  Treasures today include a cane side table with a magazine rack below ($2), a teapot ($1), a set of 6 glasses with gold etching ($3), two sets of orange of 4 melamine cups and saucers ($2 each), a puzzle box with 8 separate puzzles in it ($1) and a round smoke glass topped coffee table ($5).

P9240083   P9240084 

I also found 2 old silver cups that were given as trophy's in 1982 ($1 each), which I bought for master 6 who loves to polish things.

P9240003   P9240016

I am going to paint the timber of the coffee table black, and use it in the office.

My thrift shopping out fit today was a made-by-me simple elastic waist skirt, thrift top an a chiffon scarf - modelled by my new friend (who really needs a name I think, if anyone knows of a good one).


And look what came in the post last night!


Original 1950s patterns, in my size, all the way from Canada, via Etsy. I think I may start with the dress on the left, given it is getting into summer here.  It’s a one piece dress with a detachable collar, which should be interesting.  Aren’t the suits gorgeous though!? Mind you, I really should go on work on the other dress I started a few weeks ago!

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

Friday, 23 September 2011

SSS Days 19,20,21, 22 & 23 & tv-less school holiday fun


Wow, this week has gone so fast!  Its been crazy at the office, and the kids are on school holidays as well, so I haven’t had much spare time. Sewing has been on hold too.  Miss 6 wore a dress (the same pattern as last posts) and a skirt that I made last Summer.

P9180104  P9240010 P9240011

And I made her a new dress out of a Size 8 skirt that none of us could fit, but I loved the fabric. I took off the wide waistband and cut is shorter, then reattached it to the skirt, and added another pleat or two.  Two buttons on the band to fasten, straps, and I used the ric-rac I have been dying to use.

P9240011   P9240013

On Thursday I wore my favourite rose skirt, and Friday the dress, which I didn’t photograph again.  I have just bought a mannequin on ebay for better selling photos, so I may just dress it and take photos instead of trying to take photos of myself from now on – it certainly looks better in clothes than me!  Master 6 loves it!

P9190108  P9210002

The children have spent a week with grandma and grandpa (who live next door), and have been busy with bike riding and scooters, and walks on the beach, sewing, making pasta from scratch, baking and hammering nails and using the drill.

P7040003   P9190107

Next week our other Grandmother from Melbourne is visiting, so there will be lots of block building and puzzles, like this one of Times Square we just finished (500 pieces). 


Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing and puzzling in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

Sunday, 18 September 2011

SSS days 16,17 & 18


I’ve been sick – that horrible cold, sore throat thing that’s going around, and still trying to list things on ebay, so a bulk posting today.

Friday I wore my simple cotton 5 minute skirt again.  Then a self portrait of my and hubby going out to dinner (thrift black dress and earrings).

 P9160001  P9160008

Saturday and Sunday my little angel wore the cherry dress from a few weeks ago, and also the shorts in the same fabric that I finally put the elastic in.

P9180105   P9180099 

A very simple dress and pants pants pattern. I can’t find it, as I cut them out last year, but this one below is similar.

easy   P9180101

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

Thursday, 15 September 2011

SSS days 14, 15 & Spring Gardening


It’s already the third week of spring, and my thoughts are turning to the garden.  I found this lovely supplement in my 1950s Australian Home Beautiful Magazine.  I have tried to insert the PDF, but I think without success, so here is a pretty photo of rhododendrons instead.

P9130041 P9130043

If anyone knows how to insert pdfs with live writer, please let me know!

I am following some of the tips on lawn care, such as aeration and reseeding dead patches.  Our dog just nicely began the aeration process for me, so I have know reseeded the middle of the back lawn.  I need to teach him to dig under the trees where the grass is non-existent!

Wednesday’s outfit is a skirt I made last week, with a slightly tighter waist.


Thursday’s outfit is a thrift blouse and a floral pencil skirt that I just whipped up!


I had a little fabric left from the dress I made a few weeks ago, and decided a skirt would be nice too.  I used the skirt piece of the pattern from the dress (vogue easy option V8555), in the longer length, and just added a waistband, with a small back zip an a button . 

P8120050   dress


Very wiggly!

Enjoy a little bit of vintage in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

SSS days 12 & 13, sunsets, a walk on the beach & rock’n’roll


Monday -a walk on the beach to see the moon,


I wore a refashioned jumper and thrift shop skirt.


The jumper had a bleach spot, so I cut out a piece and reattached the bottom band. Shorter but fine.

P8310189   P8310191

The kids beach combed and made a hand from stones.


Tuesday - dance showcase day at school, so the twins wore their rock and roll gear – the circle skirt I made a few weeks ago, and the weekend’s white jeans.

P9130039   P9130040

And another beautiful sunset


Enjoy a little bit of vintage in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama


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