Monday, 3 October 2011

The end of Self Stitched September 2011

Days 28, 29 and 30.

P9240018 P9240019  P9010204

An finally September ends…………..I have sewed and won!

Now there’s time for walks by the beach with my hubby and watching the sun set…….

PA020179  PA020216

….and building up my ebay shop - now called Cherry Vintage Boutique

Here is the link if you are in Australia and want to check it out.

Have a relaxing October!



Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self Stitched September Day 26 & 27, girls shorts and dress


I found this remnant of fabric at the thrift shop, about a metre or so, and thought it would be lovely for Miss 6.  It’s a bit stretchy, so great for pants or shorts.  As it’s getting hotter here I decided on shorts.  I just cut around the pants I made for her last week, as the pattern has disappeared.

P9250007   P9250001


Perfect for on the trampoline!

I still had some left, so the next day I traced around the shirt dress I made a few weeks ago, and presto!

P9250003  P9250002

She wore it before I could even sew on the buttons at the back, with the shorts that were so comfy se even slept in them.  I might have to get some jersey and make PJs next.

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing  and jumping in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama

SSS Day 25, Sunday Barbie and a new dress


My eldest baby came home yesterday for a week of study vacation, so we celebrated with a family lunch today – a barb-b-que out by the pool.

P9250146     P9250144

The girls and I made the chocolate layer cake we made on fathers day, but the icing worked better this time. I wore my new dress (I finished it 5 minutes before lunchtime) that I started two weeks ago.

P9250139   P9250046

The same pattern as last time, with the full skirt – which I will make longer next time.

Enjoy a little bit of vintage/sewing in your day xx

                                                           Vintage Mama